Olivia Rodrigo teases a potential SOUR Deluxe!

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Fans are going crazy after Olivia Rodrigo just posted what seems to be artwork for an upcoming album, or what Fans are speculating a SOUR Deluxe.

This tease comes right before her scheduled SOUR Tour in April, 2022 as this would give her more tracks to perform, energize her tour even more, & pave a way for her fans making everything about it perfect in every way.

SOUR is a masterpiece, with 11 tracks at 35 minutes total, this is what many Livies are thinking and has us very excited! Now, time will only tell and I am very excited as everyone else what Olivia has in store for us.

15 butterflies. 11 songs on sour + 4 deluxe tracks. SOUR DELUXE IS COMING

— lilly (@oliviardgo) January 30, 2022

Olivia Rodrigo posted on Instagram what seems to be teasing at possibly a Deluxe version of SOUR. 🦋💜✨

Her upcoming SOUR Tour starts in April, 2022. This would be perfect for her Tour in every way possible. 🥺🙌 pic.twitter.com/p5es4YRPP3

— LivieFans💜 (@LivieFans) January 30, 2022